How To Help

  • Have your pet spayed or neutered. The easiest way to help us in our efforts to reduce the number of animals euthanized in our area is to simply spay or neuter you pet. For every home that is found for a kitten or puppy born to an unaltered pet, there is one less home for a deserving animal in a shelter.
  • Consider adopting your next pet instead of buying one from a pet store. Advise your friends and associates of the many lovable animals in shelters that are waiting for a home.
  • Become a Foster Guardian to a needy pet. ECAH Animals, Inc is currently enrolling new foster volunteers into our program.
  • Volunteer at one of our fundraisers or adoption booths. We are sometimes in need of additional staff to help us set up our booth, greet our visiters and hand out brochures, and help us close our booths at the end of the event. We can also use help prepping up our pooches before they arrive at the adoption booth.


  • Volunteer as a handyperson to help us maintain our kennels.
  • If you would like to volunteer with ECAH Animals please call us at 850-668-1004.